The ground-breaking ceremony of Gyogone Public Housing Re-Development Project, a project MTSH was selected as preferred builder, took place in Insein township of project location on 26th December 2020.

MTSH was once again included among top ten most transparant companies in Myanamr, according to Pwint Thit Sa Report 2020.

MTSH has been recognized by both government and many non-government organizations for its work in industrial development.

In 2020, MTSH broadened its wings to construction and housing development sector.

On 11 August 2020, the 6th annual Back To School program was held at Basic Education High School (Branch), Ye Tat Yin located in Kyauk Tan Township, Yangon.

MTSH will hold its 7th Annual General Meeting on 24th June 2020 (Wednesday). Due to Covid19 crisis and social distancing restrictions, AGM will be online-based and holding via ZOOM webminar platform that will also be live-streamed on Facebook.

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MTSH is always concerned with the issues in society and stand together with public in times of struggle, and Covid-19 crisis is no exception. The pandemic is a global suffering and the solution and cure for this virsus is still being worked on.

MTSH was announced as the winner of Best Return on Equity and Best Share Price awards by YSX on thier official website on 7th April,2020.

YSX Awards are given annually by Yangon Stock Exchange to encourage and appreciate listed companies and securities houses that have been efforting the development of Myanmar Capital Market.

Covid-19 Pandemic has now been suffered all across the globe with increasing number of positive patients and death trolls.

Just before the midnight of 23rd March 2020, Ministry Of Health (Myanmar) made an accouncement of confirmation upon two positive cases in Myanmar.

Improving employee's knowledge and capacity benefits both employees themselves and the organization.
MTSH has always been supportive with training and development programs that are necessary and applicable for employees somehow.

The Success of a business is never built by Management alone. It is resulted by the combined effort of systematic strategies and committed employees. Needless to say, employees play a vital role in building a solid organization with increasing profit.

MTSH always values its employees with an understanding of the importance of skillful human resource and always looking forward to express its appreciation and recognition towards employees.