MTSH Listing approved by Yangon Stock Exchange and to Start Trading

Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Limited (“MTSH” or “Company”) has received approval from the Yangon Stock Exchange (“YSX”) to list its shares on YSX. The trading of MTSH Shares on the YSX will commence when the market opens on Friday, 20 May 2016.

First of all, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our shareholders, customers, joint ventures partners such as Thilawa SEZ Management Committee Company (TSMCC), Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) and leading multinational companies; Mitsubishi, Marubeni and Sumitomo for the success of our business and for their continuous support. Our upmost appreciation to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar, the Ministry of Finance, our financial advisor – CB securities, our partner securities companies – KBZSC, MSEC, AYAtrust and KTzRH, our legal advisor – Kelvin Chia Yangon, our auditor and consultant – Win Thin & Associates for their support and YSX for their approval forour Company to be listed on the stock exchange. Special thanks for the support of both Myanmar and Japan Government whom have made Thilawa SEZ Project a reality which MTSH can be part of.

Listing of MTSH stocks on the YSX will give the Company better access to further capital funding for the expansion businesses and create continuous value for the shareholders.Along with the listing of the Company, it will be improving its corporate governance to be a role model company for many more listed companies to come.

MTSH was established in 3 March 2013 as a very unique public company where the founders are a consortium of public companies from different business sectors. Shareholders have grown from initial 9 founders to over 16,700 shareholders within a very short period with our first IPO being over subscribe by over 2 times making it a largest shareholder base public company in Myanmar for the 21st century. This is the living proof of the confidence and interest shown by our shareholders. MTSH had made the expectations of our shareholders to reality by turning profitable within the second year of its operation and dividend payout was made. MTSHwill continue and further improve its performance through continuous investment in the development of Thilawa SEZ and surrounding infrastructure. MTSH will also continue to development new business in other sectors to enhance value creation for our shareholders.

MTSH’s Disclosure Document for Listing, which details ourCompany’s capacity of our Board of Directors, business performance, forecast of future plans and risks, has been released. This document can be viewed on the YSX website at www.ysx-mm.comor the MTSH website at


Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Limited (“MTSH” or “Company”) has received approval from the Yangon Stock Exchange (“YSX”) to list its shares on YSX.